Welcome to the official site for Young! Tanzsommer, the "Stars of Tomorrow."

Young Tanzsommer brings a wide range of pre-professional dancers from North America to perform at Tanzsommer, the popular summer dance festival in Austria, with the likes of STOMP, Rambert Dance Company, SUTRA, and over 580,000 visitors since 1995. For over 15 years, we have strived to give these young men and women or "Stars of Tomorrow" the experience of a lifetime by being part of this wonderful festival.

The 2014 Young! Tanzsommer Tour is June 15 - July 5 and comprised of two separate tours, Solaris and Lunaris. Good luck to Corpus Christi Concert Ballet, Next Step Dance Studio, The University of Texas at Austin, Denton City Contemporary Ballet, Memorial Dance Center, The Dance Experience, and Valeina Dance Academy.