What is Tanzsommer?

From it's humble beginnings in 1994, the annual Innsbrucker Tanzsommer has become the most visited dance festival in Austria. Annually, the event hosts the most famous dance companies of the world as its guests.

In 1995 at the Innsbruck Congress, the performances took place under the title “International Innsbruck Dance Summer.” The idea was received with a portion of scepticism. Yet, in it's first year, the event welcomed thousands of the visitors. Consequently, the demand has built up and increased.

In 1999 the workshop part was added in addition to the Stage Program. Today, Tanzsommer is based on four pillars: Stage Program – venues include Dogana and Tirol State Theater Stage Program for children and youth—"Stars of Tomorrow“ program for children and Youth Workshop Program for the beginners and advanced dancers.

In 2003, Tanzsommer had more than 30,000 visitors. Of those visitors, about 70% were female and the average age was 35. Approximately 70% of all visitors come from Innsbruck and Tirol. The rest 30% largely come from the neighboring lands Salzburg and Vorarlberg as well as Bavaria and South Tirol.

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